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Arabica Vs. Robusta

Arabica is from the coffee arabica seed and needs extensive nurturing to grow, taking 3-5 years before the first crop is produced. Coffee laurentii robusta plants, are hardy, large plants that grow at lower elevations, producing a softer, harsher-tasting bean that is also less flavorful than the arabica.Arabica coffees are grown on steep, mountainous terrain and are of such high quality they require careful hand picking every day during the season. Only the red cherries are picked each time. Robusta coffees are grown on flatter land in rows and are machine picked, stripping the trees of every bean green, ripe red, overripe, rotten, etc. One bad bean used in a pot of coffee will affect the taste of the whole pot.Topics Arabica coffees are hand screened to certify the quality and freshness of the beans. Robusta coffees are not screened by a machine or by hand. Everything is thrown together including chaff (skin from the beans), dirt, water, and sometimes even sawdust to add weight to the package.
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