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All of Topics coffees are arabica coffees -- a different plant species than the common robusta coffee. Arabica is from the coffee arabica seed and needs extensive nurturing to grow, taking 3-5 years before the first crop is produced.


Topics Coffee is committed to the Sivetz hot-air roasting method because it ensures clean, consistent roasts in all of our coffees. The Sivetz roaster is unique in that it uses fresh air to roast coffee rather than a hot surface. The result is a clean uniform roast, free of the smoke and tar contamination found with other roasters. We roast each coffee to its peak shade and flavor so that you can be assured the best possible taste.

The warm beans from the roaster are hand screened to eliminate debris. You will discern the difference hand screening makes in the coffee you consume.


"The Soul Develops by Giving, Not Accumulating"

Featured topic: Food for the less fortunate

There are over 17 million households who are food insecure and since 2005 requests for food assistance increased by over 40%. Read More...

of each purchase is donated to a charity that supports this months topic.


Pictures from our processing department



with every coffee product you purchase, 10% will be donated

to this months featured organization or cause of your choice.

Serving the world, one cup at a time.

Customer Service -1-888-406-1869

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