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Why Topics?


We import Arabica coffees from twenty countries to provide for the most discriminating customer. Our selection of varietals, flavors, and roasts are combined to provide over 200 specialty coffees enough to satisfy every connoisseur.


Topics coffees are grown on small farms at an altitude of 2500+ feet above sea level. This produces a distinctive flavor in each varietal (type of coffee from a region or country). High-grown coffees take longer to mature with a resulting bean that is more flavorful, large, and dense. Also adding subtle flavor to the coffee are the shade trees that are planted around the coffee trees, such as banana and orange.

Topics coffees are shipped to our customers fresh and in prime shape - clean and whole, with few broken. This is because of ur hand screening method. The automated screening machine lasted only one day in the roasting plant because the beans were being broken. You will notice the difference hand screening makes in Topics coffee.

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