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Featured Cause - Providing food to the less fortunate

There are over 17 million households who are food insecure, since 2005 requests for food assistance increased by over 40% and for almost a decade Friends In Need has provided food to those less fortunate. In 2002 Friends In Need feeding programs were initiated in New York City and handed out over 4,000 meals. Since then programs have started and maintained in 4 metropolitan areas including New York, Newark, Philadelphia, and Pensacola, Florida.

The organization, run by volunteers, continues to grow with complete dedication to our mission of helping those in need.

For the month of October thru November Topics Coffee will spotlight the "Feeding Programs" sponsored by Friends In Need.

Help us in this effort.

Organization: Friends In Need Foundation

Program: Feeding Programs


"The Soul Develops by Giving, Not Accumulating"

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