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Hope and Change. Not what you think.

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How often have you heard, "Oh, we need to work on our company culture"? And the next thing you know, there are parties and events, which are great and fun. Do these activities team build? Absolutely! Raise company morale? Without a doubt! Even though all these things are great and fun, and the company looks good and is trying to build culture, these things are superficial and not the ingredients to build company culture. 

In my many years of experience working in various types of companies, positions, teams, and "cultures", I've experienced True "culture", which is a group of people in spirit and consciousness collectively using their strengths, knowledge, and available resources for the greater good of the organization, the clients, and fellow teammates - Synergy, not culture. 

At Topics, our Synergy is in "Serving". Thats it. In spirit and consciousness, we serve our partners, customers and community. I know this all sounds cliche. But at Topics, serving is tangible and measurable, not just a nice gesture. 

Let me explain: 

Can you remember when you assisted someone desperately needing help, and an uncontrollable emotion and satisfaction came over you? You even shook your head and smiled when you thought about the person's reaction as you walked away. That feeling you had is tangible and proof that serving is a real thing, not just a nice gesture. 

Serving others is also measurable. Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Jesus and many other servants proved that Serving is measurable. How? Look at the conditions of the communities they served before and after. Ghandi travelled through hopeless communities, poor and without hope of change. As he served the community, you began to see change, hope began to arise, and those who experienced the servant's heart can attest to the changes in their community. 

The Telegraph UK

Mother Teresa started to serve by providing spiritual and medical healing to underserved communities. As she began her acts of love, the communities began to see hope and change.

Courtesy of GBI UK

As Jesus walked and provided a guide of light, hope, peace and health to each town he laid foot in, faith began to arise from the dust. 

At Topics, we know you are the person with a servant's heart who brings change and love to your local community. All we do is provide you with a vehicle to be that change.

 Thank you for partnering with us as we "Serve the World, one cup at a time."

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